Jul 11 2014

700 pound Snake pulled out of Lake in North Carolina?

Giant 700 pound snake caught in lake in Proctor, North Carolina. The giant man eating python was measured at 98 feet long.

Police were contacted to see if there have been any recently filed missing person reports as a snake this big could have surely eaten a human.

Giant Snake Found in American Lake?

This giant snake is massive and just gorgeous, but it didn’t take long to find out that the STORY behind it… was fake, just another hoax.

While the image is indeed real, I think the size of the giant snake could have been exaggerated due to the camera angle

Nevertheless, this snake is still huge, but where did it come from? The markings on it’s skin looks similar to that of a reticulated python native to Southeast Asia.

After playing around with a little Google translate, the mystery was finally solved.


Looks like a type of Boa.. Red-tail boa perhaps?

This giant python came from Indonesia and after some rough translating, it turns out that it was discovered this last Thanksgiving near the village of Belinyu City.

It was found by accident by a group of construction workers who severely injured the reptile while knocking down a large dead tree in which the python was sleeping inside of.

The workers put the dying snake out of it’s misery and buried it.

It’s sad to see such an incredible animal killed, especially one that could have been a new world record size. I wish there were more pictures so we could get a better idea of just how large it was.

Another Giant Snake Caught in SE Asia

huge python asia

This reticulated python is estimated to be a massive size with rumors of it’s length being over 50 feet.

Those are just rumors however as the true size of this monster snake is unknown and very hard to calculate by the photo. The world’s biggest snake ever recorded is a reticulated python living in Kansas City named Medusa. The world’s biggest snake in history is extinct and known as the Titanoboa.

World’s Largest Prehistoric Snake – Meet the Titanoboa