Jul 06 2014

Top 10 Dead Alien Bodies Found

roswell-ufo-new-mexico-alien_foundHere are some of the strangest looking alien type bodies I’ve ever seen. These are all pretty creepy looking and hard to explain where they came from.

One from Siberia, Russia was later revealed that it was a prank by two Russian guys who made a fake alien out of bread crumbs and chicken skin.

This was only uncovered after the government went to their house and then claimed that it was all a hoax.

Could all of these mysterious alien bodies be hoaxes?

How far would the government actually go to cover something like this up if they wanted to?

Top 10 Dead Alien Bodies Discovered

alien-body-caught alien-dead-unearthed alien-dead grass dead-alien-thing alien-body-fake alien-body1-real

While some of these strange creatures are obviously just fake, others look pretty convincing. Which ones do you think are real and which ones do you think are fake?

Even more incredible are the number alien skeletons that were recently discovered in mexico. Several bizarre shaped skulls were unearthed within the same burial area as human skeletons.

Alien Skulls dug up in Mexico


Strange Elongated Skulls