Jun 30 2014

Virginia Man Encounters Bigfoot


Is this Bigfoot?

A fisherman in Virginia encounters bigfoot for the second time after having a run in with the mysterious creature 25 years prior but this time he was able to snap a photo of it.

Randy O’Neal claims that this is the clearest image of bigfoot that he has personally ever seen and challenges anyone out there to prove him otherwise.

Randy goes on to explain his first sasquatch encounter when he was camping in the woods at 15 years old and took a shot at the beast.

Bigfoot Sighting Virginia 2014


bigfoot-drivers-licenseWho really knows how much truth there is to this bigfoot sighting. The lack of photos leads everyone to believe that this is just an awkward timing of a photo that makes it look like something is there.

I’d like to see a picture of what the scenery looks like after the fact as that might shed some light on this photo.

Here are a few more recent bigfoot sightings that occurred in the USA over the last year or so.

More sightings of Bigfoot in the last year