Jun 27 2014

Caught Alive – World’s Biggest Squid

massive sea monsterThe colossal squid is the biggest known invertebrate and squid on earth. This gigantic squid bleeds blue blood, has 8 different sized arms and owns the largest eye in the animal kingdom.

The largest ever caught was a full adult female specimen in 2007 in the freezing cold waters of the Antarctic.

The squid was measured at 33 feet when it was captured however it shrunk to about 14 feet after it began to dry up.

Meet the Colossal Squid!

It is now being displayed at a national museum in New Zealand. Scientist estimate the Colossal Squid can grow up to 46 feet in length and weigh over 2,000 pounds.

colossal squid new zeland

Actual Frozen Colossal Squid in New Zealand


An estimated size comparison of an adult Colossal Squid

Giant Squid Found on Spanish Beach

The second biggest species on earth, the giant squid, was recently discovered washed ashore on a beach in Spain.