Jun 25 2014

Gollum Creature Photographed in China

mysterious-beast-discoveredA strange gollum looking creature …or more like doppy from Harry Potter…. was photographed by a Chinese tourist who was camping outside of Huairou, Beijing.

The tourist was shocked at what he saw when he went for a short walk away from his camp site to pee. A bizarre humanoid being was discovered also peeing in the woods. The Chinese tourist took a few quick snap shots and then retreated back to his camp to safety.

After uploading the images to the internet an actor came forward with a comment suggesting that it was him in the photos.

He went on to explain how he was filming a sci-fi movie in the woods when someone snuck up on him to take photos and then ran away before he could explain what he was doing.

Mystery Monster Photographed in Chinese Woods



strange looking gollum creature

Photos from the sci-fi movie that was being shot in China.

Underwater Footage of an Unusual Sea Creature

Yes, what you are seeing is real, actual footage from an oil rig cam that caught this bizarre creature lurking by. Can you guess what it is?