Jun 23 2014

Drunk Man Needs 80 Stitches After Trying to Remove an Alligator in the Roadway

The influence of alcohol has led people to many regrettable decisions. Recently a Louisiana native made one he will probably regret for the next few months at least. Involving an alligator, this decision was unbelievable bad, as most spontaneous ideas that involve these large, aggressive reptiles are.

Most people would do a kind deed and stop and pick up a turtle if they saw it in the middle of a roadway. Three friends that were driving home after had a few drinks in them decided to do the same, except this time, it was an 11-foot alligator!

men move alligator

Of the three Louisiana natives, luckily none were fatally injured, but one had to make a visit to the hospital to receive 80 stitches.


Their methods of removing the alligator from the street were not exactly the smartest way to go about it. They first decided to take their shirts off to try to blind the creature, then each grab a part of it. One of the men grabbed the shut jaw of the alligator, while the other grabbed the tail. The 11-foot, heavy alligator didn’t budge, but became very aggravated. After putting up with it for a few seconds, the reptile decided that he wasn’t going to tolerate it. He thrashed around, freeing his jaw to attack Glen Bonin, who was holding its tail.


The alligator clamped down on Bonin’s hand, leaving him with large wounds on each side of his hand that needed immediate medical attention. He lost a lot of blood, but learned an important lesson from the experience. “I’ve always been a guy to learn things the hard way,” said Bonin, who plans to leave alligator removal to the professionals in the future.

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