Jun 06 2014

What Really Happened to the Wooly Mammoth?

The great mystery of what happened to the large animals of the Ice Age is on is one that has been fiddled with for centuries. New research on found on the species of the wooly mammoth explores a different take on the matter. It presents the possibility that perhaps these creatures fell into extinction because of humans, rather than earthly phenomenons. Much research supports the claim that excessive hunting by people seems to have played a dramatic role in their declining populations.


One of the two theories that has been widely accepted by scientists is that the large creatures were unable to adjust to the steep change in climate, resulting in their sudden demise. Scientists have raised issues with this theory because it begs the question of how did the mammoths survive the ice ages before the one that finally, supposedly killed them off? The other theory suggests that there is a distinct correlation between human expansion and the extinction of several species by overkilling. This theory is supported by evidence, as well the timeline. Giant deer, giant sloths and giant buffalo are also presumed to have become extinct around the same time.


Amazingly, there is a chance on bringing these creatures back! Scientists have said that they have taken the first step to cloning the wooly mammoth. They began back in March and have reported that the results are promising, and that it probably will happen. The fascinating procedure plans to use the remains from one of the younger mammoths, which is 43,000 years old to begin the cloning process. By using the wooly mammoth’s closest living relative, the elephant, as a surrogate mother, there is a high chance of success that we hope to see within the next few years.