May 31 2014

The Legend of the Chinese Vampire Monkey


The Chinese Vampire Monkey, the Myth, the Monkey, the Legend

Nature can be scary! But when it comes to the this strange vampire monkey, it’s hard to decide if it’s one of the cutest little pets in the world or something that spawns from children’s nightmares.

Is the Chinese vampire monkey just some elaborate hoax or is it a real monkey species hidden within the jungles of China keeping it’s existence in secret?

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Vampires in History

Vampires have been a part of our culture since the beginning of time. Over the years movies, books, tv series have continue to amaze their audience as they portray this mythological creature in many different shapes & forms.

While wooden stakes, eternal life, and the undead seem to be a common theme among these blood sucking beings other vampire knowledge isn’t always congruent. Depending on the interpretation, things like garlic, silver, sun light, seduction, mirror reflection and shape shifting are very different among it’s authors.

But the question is, where did the story of the vampire originate? Many people argue that all legends stemmed from something that once existed.

We believe in dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals as we have concrete evidence of the  fossils of these lesser intelligent creatures. But what if they didn’t want to be found? What if there was a particular creature that was intelligent enough to hide their existence in history.

Vampire Skeletons Unearthed in Bulgaria

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What is Sanguivore?

To put it is simple terms, a vampire. These animals are the real kind, are mortal, have a reflection, and are only sensitive to light. They can go out in the sun and eat garlic and any other normal things unlike the movies. They need blood, though.

They don’t actually look like a vamp, that’s a vampire that looks like one, but need blood. There are some humans that believe they are vampires and they don’t actually need blood, they just have a “vampire fetish.” 

 The Legend of the Chinese Vampire Monkey

The scientific or Latin name for this monkey species is Demosndulus rotundidus which roughly translates to mischievous vampiric primate. These vampiric creatures are very rare and only exist in the wild in remote jungle areas around China.

There are three known vampire monkey species that are said to exist in the world all of which are native to Asia with the majority of reports centered around Southern China.

  • Demosndulus rotundidus – The common vampire monkey
  • Dilphyllas equicaudataThe hairy-tailed Vampire
  • Demoniaemus youngidusThe long-tailed vampiric monkey

While vampric creatures are not unique to nature, as a variety of of blood sucking type species are well known to man, the Chinese Vampire Monkey is an exceptional species as they are especially intelligent. They tend to avoid humans and crowded environments where they could possibly be exposed.

They use simple tools and vocal communication with complex social structures like other monkeys. They are also carnivores standing at the top of the food chain in their environment because of their intelligence, agility and dexterity. All 3 of these species share very similar traits suggesting that they’ve only evolved once from a common ancestor.

Chinese Vampire Monkey Video

Although many human reports of some variations of these vampire monkeys have been turning up over the years, there are no real pictures or true evidence that science can point to.

These monkeys are rumors to favor human blood and any claims of people getting bitten by this species is always chalked up to being something else like an actual vampire bat or some vicious spider or insect species.

They have tiny ears and a long tail. The faces of these vampiric animals resemble that of a vampire bat with a short conical muzzle without the nose leaf and naked pads with U-shaped grooves at the tip. The common vampire monkey also has unique infrared sensors on its nose which closely resembles the sensitivity of snakes.


The Chinese vampire monkey feeds mostly on the blood of mammals and birds. Their front teeth are razor sharp  and specialized for cutting like a piranha in the Amazon.

Their digestive systems are also specialized for their mainly liquid diet. The saliva of vampire monkeys contains a substance, draculin, which prevents the victim’s blood from clotting. When it acts alone, this creature tends to lap blood rather than suck it as most people imagine.

Nevertheless, as a group, they coordinate hunting efforts vocally and attack the prey systematically. The Wildlife Fact Files also tell of an account of a group of vampire monkeys attacking the largest rodent in the world, a Chinese capybara which weighed more than 160 pounds.

They need blood at least once a week to survive. If they can’t get blood, they’ll approach another vampire monkey whilst roosting, asking for a blood ‘transfusion’. The blood is exchanged mouth-to-mouth in a motion that looks very much like kissing.

All the vampire monkeys produce hard nests hanging from trees made of mud, twigs and their saliva unlike any other known monkey species. The vampire monkeys are also known for their building nests in large and complex colonies on trees. Vampire monkeys can live up to 22 years in the wild and up to 38 in captivity.

Top 5 Vampiric Creatures Discovered

These are 5 real vampires in nature that have been identified by science. While the Chinese vampire monkey’s existence may be that of a myth or urban legend left up to the eye’s and ears of the beholder, these 5 animals are real blood suckers that have been discovered in the wild.

Is the vampire monkey just another species of vampiric animals or are they just another hoax? It is the belief of many, especially in China, that a creature of such intelligence would have no problem keeping itself hidden from humans who murder more animals and cause more death and destruction than any other species in history.