May 17 2014

Is The Legend of Black Shuck True?

Wolves can be ferocious and terrifying animals. On average, today’s wolf stands at an approximate height of 32 inches from toe to shoulder and weighs about 75 pounds. Bones recently found by archaeologists produce a skeleton that must have belonged to a canine that was seven feet in height! This beastly skeleton was discovered in Suffolk, England, and has led up to the development of some interesting theories.


These bones are dated back to the 16th century, which has entertained a popular old folklore tale. The Black Shuck is a character that is described as a wolf that stands seven feet tall. It is said to have had shaggy, black hair, flaming, red eyes and deadly claws. This legendary beast is said to have much terrorized East Anglia, and the bones remains found in the same region of his supposed existence astonishingly seem to match up perfectly!


According to the tale, one report of seeing the creature happened in a church. In 1577, the Black Shuck appeared through a storm and rampaged into the church, killing a man and his son. Claw marks were left in the church from the incident, which are reported to still be visible today. On the same night back in 1577, the creature ventured on 12 miles to another church to kill two more worshippers.

black shuck

Many people view this tale as bogus, but is it really that far fetched? Much of the evidence rears in favor of it, and the bones, dates, and locations all match up. The tale of The Black Shuck is a gripping tale that will likely remain a mystery.

Black Shuck Skeleton Unearthed