May 14 2014

Bizarre Mythical Beast Discovered in Asia

unusual-dead-carcass-creature-foundAn unusual discovery in a small town in Thailand was brought to the media’s attention when photos of a mysterious creature started spreading around the internet.

The strange being was covered in white powder as locals seemed to be worshiping the finding with gifts and candles as they surrounded this dead animal.

What could this bizarre finding be? There are often deformed animals that never live for very long that get mistaken for alien beings or some new hybrid monster that strikes fear into the people that find them. Does the unexplained always need an explanation?

Weird Beast Found in Thai Village Town

While the video suggest possible explanations as to what this creature is, no one seems to know for certain as the body of this unusual being no longer exists. Was it buried in secret? Did a rich person buy it for their personal collection… or did the government cover up this mystery to avoid national panic?

Thailand Map

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