May 09 2014

Public Autopsy of Weird, “Alien” Shark Performed in Japan

Seems like more and more mysterious sea creatures are being discovered every day. A unique creature that turned up has been referred to as a deep sea alien, but was just identified as a Megamouth Shark.

This shark is a rare and interesting find. There have only been a few dozen sightings of the shark ever.


The shark was caught off the cost of Japan, and the catchers decided to educate the public by performing a public autopsy of the monster.

The beast was about four meters long, and this is on the small side for this species of shark from what scientists predict, though they actually know very little about its life or anatomy.

Megamouth Shark Video

This shark is likely so rarely seen because it spends most of its life hidden within the great depths of ocean. It usually only comes up during the night to feed. It eats large quantities of krill, shrimp, copepods, jellyfish, planktonic animals, and much more by filtering them through the linings of its gills.


shark autopsy

This shark is so interesting and mysterious to many people that one exists in a museum in Australia after it was obtained by becoming caught on the anchor of a research vessel, which was the first sighting of the megamouth shark.


More than 1,500 curious onlookers stopped by and gathered around to watch the autopsy performed on the megamouth shark. It took place in Shizuoka, Japan. Scientists, researchers and observers were very grateful for the opportunity, and were excited to learn more about this alien and extraordinary sea monster.