May 06 2014

Beached Gaseous Whale May Explode Over Newfoundland!

Blue whales are the largest mammals that exist on planet Earth. Weighing in at as much at 150 tons, these animals can grow to be as long as 100 feet. These mammals are beautiful creatures and people are usually very excited if they ever get the opportunity to see one. Unless, of course, it is beached, bloated with gasses, and stinking up their town. Residents of Newfoundland have found themselves burdened by the carcass of a sixty ton blue whale and no way of removing it from the town.

beached whale

The stench of the whale has already begun to reek up some of the town, but that’s not even the worst of the problems. With all of the gasses currently contained in the whale, there is fear that the whale could explode to leave part of the town covered in gaseous whale waste.

beached whale 2

There have been several instances in which whales have exploded. A popular video on Youtube shows a scientist that began to cut into a beached whale, and took a rush of its insides to the face. The residents in Newfoundland hope that this will not happen to their small town. Hopefully they will be able to finally remove the whale from the beach before someone or something impacts it, or the whale just leaks out the gas that it is bloated with.

beached whale 3

Of course, removing this massive body is no easy task. The easiest way to rid the town of the whale would be to tow it out to sea, but nobody in the town has the expertise to perform the task. Citizens of the town have asked for help from the province’s environment and government services departments as well as the federal fisheries department to remove the carcass, and are desperately hoping that they find assistance in a timely manner.