Oct 11 2013

Vampire Animal – Sea Lamprey

Real vampiric creatures found in the Great Lakes have been destroying the native species that call these lakes their home. The sea lamprey have slowly invaded the great lakes and have adapted to their new fresh water environment as adults from the ocean wandered over looking for shallow waters to spawn.

Now the sea lampreys have been labeled as a serious threat as Canadians are taking measures to removed this invasive species from the waters in order to save their local wildlife from dying.

The Vampiric Sea Lamprey

Human vampires do not exist, at least according to modern science, although there are many Twilight & True Blood fans that may disagree. Real Vampiric animals do exist as there are several found in nature. Below are 5 real vampire animals that have been discovered on our planet.

5 Vampire Animals

The giant sea lamprey isn’t the only vampire animal, these blood sucking and in the case of the vampire finch “blood pecking” creatures love the taste of other’s red fluid. The only difference between these real vampires and the ones of myth and legend is that these vampire animals are all alive as undead animals do not exist on earth…. or do they?

Sea_Lamprey_strange creaturesea creatureSea-Lamprey_animal vampire   sea_lamprey