Oct 10 2013

New Discovery in Chimpanzee’s Behavior

New discoveries about chimpanzees are happening very often. Having DNA that is more than 98% identical to human beings, learning more about them can be very valuable to us. They share many of the same behavioral and physical traits since they are the closest living species to humans on the planet.

chimpanzee human

One of the most recent discoveries made about chimpanzees is the way that they choose their relationships. Chimpanzees have already been proven to recognize each individual chimpanzee, often have monogamous relationships, and communicate as friends. What is a new discovery is that chimpanzees specifically choose friends that have personality traits similar to their own. This is the same as how many humans choose their friends. If you find someone that has the same taste in music as you, enjoys doing the same activities, and makes similar jokes, odds are that you two will be friends.

young chimpanzees

Scientists in Zurich and Austria are responsible for this new discovery. The study took place in two different zoos. The scientist monitored forty different primates for quite some time. They took attention to which chimps formed bonds with each other, which chimps decided to sit together, and the types of personalities of each chimp. From this study, they determined that there is a trend in chimps with more outgoing personalities bonding and spending more time together, and the same with more introverted chimps.


One scientist from the study, Jorg Massen from the University of Vienna, said, “We found that, especially among unrelated friends, the most sociable and bold individuals preferred the company of other highly sociable and bold individuals, whereas shy and less sociable ones spent time with other similarly aloof and shy chimpanzees.” Another scientist in on the study named Sonja Koski, from the University of Zurich, told Discovery News, “The groups consisted of many males and females, and individuals formed cooperative friendships. Our results suggest that the preference to form these friendships with individuals much like oneself was present in the ancestor of chimpanzees and humans.”

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