Oct 10 2013

Living Fossil – The Horseshoe Crab

A strange looking animal indeed, this sea spider creature is often mistaken for an alien being as photos of it are tagged around the internet with labels such as alien, monster, & WTF. This marine creature isn’t an alien at all, it’s the horseshoe crab.

A strange animal indeed, the marine arthropod is a living fossil from the prehistoric times that actually bleeds blue blood. That’s right, blue blood! Do you know why?

Horseshoe Crab Facts

Limulus_polyphemus Carcinoscorpius_rotundicauda_(mangrove_horseshoe_crab)  Boy_with_horseshoe_crab_shellHorseshoe_crab_female

Carcinoscorpius_rotundicauda_(Chonburi)   Horseshoe_Crab_AncestorRed_knot_horseshoe_crab_feedingHorseshoe_crab_2

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