Oct 09 2013

Meet Luma the Lion-Pony

This week in Birmingham’s National Exhibition Center in the United Kingdom was the 65th annual Horse of the Year Show. An array of interesting and unique characters were present at the show this year. One that really stuck out was Luma the pony. Don’t let this pony’s looks fool you. This one of a kind pony is so entertaining because he has the appearance of a lion. His mane was shaved and fluffed to look identical to that of a lion’s. Hair was added, and every detail, down to the tail, was transformed to mock a lion. Even fake ears were attached to the pony’s mane.

luma the pony

This star of the show was led by his trainer, Melie Phillipot. The duo has been working together for nearly five years, since Luma was only three years old. This was Luma and Melie’s first year performing at The Horse of the Year Show, and the everybody was delighted at their presence. Their routine is a mix of light comedy and liberty work. An audience of nearly ten thousand watched the pair’s dazzling performance.


Luma has gained much recognition and popularity recently. The horse is becoming a star across the European continent and is appearing in many major shows and events. This is not only because of his appearance, it is also because of what he is capable of doing. The eight year old horse can walk on two legs, jump through hoops, and many other impressive tricks.

luma the pony

There are about sixty thousand people that are expected to visit The Horse of the Year Show this year, and there are sixteen hundred horses that will compete in the grand finale on Sunday. With humor, horsemanship, and incredible talent, the audience excited and hopeful to see see how Luma and Melie rank in the finals.

Learn more about pets, watch video below.