Oct 08 2013

Meet Snoopy

Almost everybody loves cats, especially internet users. There are many videos online of cats doing things like playing the piano, and many photos have become extremely popular as well. Maru from Japan has been hailed as the most beloved cat on the internet; she has impressed millions of viewers with her wacky antics caught on film. Another popular cat is grumpy cat. You have very likely seen at least one internet meme with him, and will soon see him as the primary spokes cat for Frisky’s cat food. ¬†While all of these cats are quite adorable and talented, there is a new cat fresh to the market that has an rapidly growing fan base. Snoopy, acclaimed as China’s cutest cat, has recently been taking over the internet.


Snoopy looks quite different from other cats. She almost looks like a stuffed animal rather than a real cat. She has eyes that are much larger than normal, a short snout, and a flat face. Her owner describes her best asset to be her “pie face.” This outlandish look came expectedly as a result of her parents’ breeds. Her father was an American short hair, and her mother was Persian.

snoopy the cat

This adorable creature has a Facebook fan page and instagram account with nearly 200,000 followers, and more that 275,000 followers on Weibo. Dozens of adorable photographs of the cat modeling very fashionable cat clothing fill up people’s news feeds every month. Snoopy also likes to wear necklaces, hats, and other accessories.


The videos and photographs get a lot of attention and shares, which is boosting Snoopy’s fan base even more. Miss Nang, Snoopy’s owner says that she is very surprised with the amount of attention her pet is getting lately. Though she is aware that Snoopy is a very rare and adorable cat, she never expected so many people to like, comment, and share her photographs so often.

Learn more about pets, watch video below.