Oct 06 2013

A Savage Fight Between Four Lions Caught on Camera

A brutal and savage lion fight was recently captured by a photographer. The attacks happened in Cheetah Plains, South Africa. An older lion and a young lion from different prides were the opponents. The intense fighting lasted for nearly two hours. After taking quite the beating, the fight ended. Just as the younger lion was about to catch his death, two female lions from his pride came to his rescue.

lion fight

As the females first stumbled upon the situation, they kept their distance at first. As the fight gained intensity, and became more violent, they began to encircle the two fighters. It appeared as though they were assessing the situation. Eventually, the two female lions realized that they would have to intervene with the fight. They stepped in next to the young lion from their pride and lined up next to him, one on each side. One of the female lions swiped her claw at the older male lion in aggression. After this, all of the lions stood and bared their teeth in a dramatic showdown. After a few moments of this, all of the lions calmed down. The older lion eventually backed down and left the scene to a nearby water whole.

four lions in a quarrel

The photographer said that the sight was unbelievable as well as the sounds. He described it as spectacular. He said, “The sounds were overpowering and the pure aggression and the sustained onslaught from the older male was amazing to witness, but the amount of heart the young male lion had was also unbelievable. He stood up to a much older and stronger male and fought with all his might. There was lots of growling and snarling and then all hell broke loose. The older male caught the young male and proceeded to hit him with a barrage of shots. Then he had him on the ground where he inflicted more damage to the young male’s belly.”

the end of the lion fight