Oct 05 2013

Young Girl Bitten by Vampire Bat

Bats can be quite terrifying. They are often featured in vampire horror movies, used as Halloween ornaments, and ran from. People usually and always should go out of their way to avoid these vampiric creatures. Not only are they bone chilling, these small mammals can also be deadly. Bats are known to bite. Their bites can be very painful and infectious. Being bitten by a bat is a reason to be alarmed because bats have a high possibility of being rabid. Though they can transmit other diseases as well, rabies is the most common diseased linked to bats. All it takes is one bite from an infected bat, and a human can be burdened by this potentially fatal disease.


Cases of rabies are rather rare in the United States. Maybe one or two incidents occur annually. Even with this statistics, a family from Long Island is nervous. Their eight year old daughter, Jessica, was bitten by a bat yesterday at her school. She said that as she was entering the bathroom stall, a bat attacked her. She was left with a small, yet painful, bite on her left arm.

bat bite

Jessica’s mother was disturbed because she said the school that her daughter was attending did not take any action to inform her of the bat attack on her daughter. A bat bite is a pretty serious incident, that could possibly be very dangerous. If Jessica were to be infected with rabies from the bat, immediate action would be necessary for her survival. The school’s principal is denying that the bat attack happened within the school. After claiming to investigate, she said that no bats were found in the school, and that the bite must have happened on the playground outside. Currently, Jessica’s mother is meeting with lawyers and thinking about pursuing legal action, while young Jessica is undergoing rabies’ treatments.

bat bite