Oct 05 2013

Giant Squid Discovered in Spain

A sea monster washed up on shore straight out of a horror movie. This giant squid is real, measuring at 30 feet and 400 pounds! That’s 9 meters and 180 kilos for our non-American friends.

This massive sea creature was dead when beach goers discovered it on the Spanish Beach of the Cantabria community on Tuesday, October 1st 2013.

Actual Squid Found in Spain

The giant squid is the 2nd largest invertebrate in the world, the biggest on the world being the colossal squid which is estimated to reach lengths of over 46 feet.

The ocean is full of mystery as scientist rarely get a chance to study giant squids because they live so far beneath the surface. What other mysterious creatures live beyond our current knowledge?

Fake Photoshop Images vs Real Images

The first image is an obvious photoshop that spread like wildlife all over the internet. Below are the original photos so you can compare them before the photoshop was created.


Fake Photoshop Image


Original Photo


Real Squid Found in Spain

giant-squid found

Real Squid Found in Spain