Sep 26 2013

Cloned Cow Attacks its Creator!

Known especially for his ability to clone animals, Professor Park Se Pill, was just seriously injured by one of his creations. He recently cloned a black cow. This black cow weighed in at over seventeen hundred pounds! He was cloned from an incredibly strong prize cow, so it is no surprise that the scientist was so beat up from the unexpected attack. After suffering through the cow’s rampage, Pill survived with five broken ribs, some back injuries, and shock. He is lucky to be alive after the fifteen minute long frenzy from the cow. The professor was forced to endure the madness for fifteen minutes because of his attire. Unfortunately, he was wearing a special disabling outfit with long boots, which made it difficult for him to make a quick escape.

cloned cow

Park is an internationally renowned scientist, that has earned the title of the world’s leading cloner. Throughout his career, he has cloned many different animals. He cloned this cow about four years ago. The cow was created by taking the ear of another cow before its slaughter. He said that the cloned cow was not neutered, and this made it restless sometimes. This is one of the suspicions as to the reason of the attack from the cow on Mr. Pill.

cloned cow

The reasoning for scientist cloning animals is to make new discoveries in the cellular world. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Diabetes could possibly be cured one day with further breakthroughs in this area of research. A list of all of the animals that have been cloned this far include: carp, cat, cattle, deer, dog, ferret, frog, gaur, goat, horse, mice, mouflon, mule, pig, pyrenean ibex, rabbit, rat, rhesus monkey, sheep, water buffalo, and a wolf. Each of these clonings get researchers steps closer to curing diseases and handicaps that burden many peoples’ lives.