Sep 23 2013

Man Saves Grandson from Giant Snake Attack

Brazil has a lot of wildlife and wilderness with much undiscovered territory. Because of this, there are many untapped places where unknown animal species and very big creatures roam. One of those big creatures are giant snakes, particularly the green anaconda which is the largest and heaviest snake in the world.


The Green Anaconda

Unfortunately for this kid, he was able to experience one of these snakes in the wild for himself while playing near a creek bed.

The giant anaconda ambushed the boy and nearly killed him before his grandfather arrived shortly after to find his grandson on the ground being swallowed by a massive snake.

Green anacondas are known for ambushing their prey near water beds, rivers, and creeks.

They love the water and easily manure through this environment with very little fear of predators. Full grown green anacondas are known for eating crocodiles, deer, capybaras and sometimes cows.

Giant Snake Attacks Boy in Brazil


Boy with his Grandfather


The grandson is lucky to be alive