Sep 22 2013

Obesity in Pets

Many people are emotional eaters in today’s world. If a girl is dumped, usually her first stop is the freezer to grab her gallon of Ben & Jerry’s. If a person is bored at home on a weekend, they may binge on snacks to at least keep their digestive system entertained. Binge eating to cure poor mood, trauma, boredom, or anxiety is a fairly common thing people do these days which has definitely contributed to obesity. Recent studies have shown that animals engage in similar practices. If you have ever wondered why some domesticated animals are beefier than others, this is a possible explanation. dog feature image The study claims that obesity claims as many as 25% of cats, and 45% of dogs! With this data, we can make a guess that the same percentage of these animals have been through traumas, emotional losses, extreme boredom or depression. For people, gaining the weight is very easy. They have easy access to the specific types of food they wish to eat, the amount of it they would like to indulge in, and complete freedom of when they can choose to eat it. Although animals are not given these leniencies, they still often find ways to eat more. Some pets’ owners will leave out an unlimited supply of food for their pets, while some have been placed on stricter diets. Finding food in the trash can, and around the house is not an uncommon thing for pets to do. The comfort eating pets on diets are likely to be further saddened because one of the only coping mechanisms has been taken away from them. fat cat

Can you imagine being one of the pets in today’s world? So often people find themselves extremely bored, when they are offered so many more exciting opportunities than the animals will ever know of. What could be on a house pet’s agenda for the day while their owners are away? Eating, sniffing, and napping is likely what it mostly consists of. Doesn’t eating food sound fun at that point? Obesity is found to be more common among female animals, and animals that live alone. Chewy treats and toys are recommended to help your pets get through their diets more pleasurably. fat dog

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