Sep 21 2013

A Man’s Best Friend and Hero

The title “dog is a man’s best friend,” surpasses expectations in this heroic tale. ┬áIn Oscada County, Colorado, the Mr. and Mrs. Force, a group of friends visiting, and their four pound dachshund, or weenie dog, took their golf cart out to the woods for a bit of exploration. All was calm and peaceful until they spotted a mama bear posted with her cubs. All present on the golf cart stared in shock and terror, as the large, full grown, 400 pound bear stared at them fiercely. They all knew that they were in trouble instantly.

After seconds of sinking stomaches and tight throats, as the mama bear was bound to pounce, someone unexpected stepped up to the rescue. To everyone’s surprise, it was Brad, the four pound weenie dog. He boldly and fearlessly ran up to the bear to attack. After fighting for quite some time, the mama bear finally released Brad, to let the Force couple and their friends on their way.

Brad and Mr. Force

Unfortunately, after this incident, Brad was severely injured. From the mauling of the mama bear with her teeth and claws, he gained many ruptures and lost a lot of blood. The weak, heroic dog was rushed to an emergency animal clinic. He passed away later on that evening.

The Forces speak of Brad very fondly. They said that he was always a fighter. He was the smallest of their dogs, but indefinitely the toughest, with the most energy. He loved his owners dearly. They say that he probably didn’t think twice about attacking the bear, and that he would do it again if given the option. With the bear weighing 400 pounds, and Brad weighing 4, he literally fought off an animal 100 times his size.


Thousands of incidents of bear attacks have been documented. At that, mother bears are significantly more aggressive since they have their cubs to protect. The Forces said they had never come across a bear before, and were shocked to see her presence. They are very lucky to have survived thanks to Brad. Rest in Peace, you heroic and admirable pup.