Sep 17 2013

Worlds Most Intelligent Animal – Mimic Octopus


The Mimic Octopus

The mimic octopus is believed by some to be the most intelligent animal on our planet.

This incredible sea creature like other octopus are able to change their color to blend into their environment. Octopus are known to blend into the sand, coral, and rocks to avoid predators on the sea floor.

The mimic octopus however, does something that no other octopus does! This amazing animal will actually change it’s shape and BEHAVIOR to clone or “mimic” other types of sea life.

It does this to ward off other predators by pretending to be a different type of deadly fish.

Meet the Mimic Octopus

Is the mimic octopus really the most intelligent animal on the planet or is it just a coincidence that it’s able to look exactly like other deadly creatures to scare away predators?


Mimic_Octopus_2014 Mimic_Octopus_2014 Mimic_Octopus2014

mimic octopus

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