Sep 14 2013

Weird Mammoth Rhino Creature

Strange Woolly Mammoth Rhino Buffalo Hybrid Cryptid Creature? It’s a prehistoric rhinoceros called Elasmotherium. This bizarre looking beast was posted

The Elasmotherium and has been extinct for well over 10,000 years. It’s pronounced ell-azz-moe-THEE-ree-um and this big animal is the largest of all prehistoric Rhinos with Woolly mammoth

Traits of really thick fur and longer legs than today’s rhino that allowed it to run like a horse. Often referred to as the Wooly Rhino, a full grown adult weighted over 3 tons and grew up to 20 feet long.

Meet the Elasmotherium

Their fossils have been discovered throughout Western Europe and parts of Russia. The coolest trait of this prehistoric beast was it’s massive horn which would grow up to 6 feet long! Historians believe that the legend of the unicorn originated from THIS animal.

It’s unfortunate that these animals are extinct, I would have loved to see one in person… at a distance of course…. but what’s even more unfortunate is that today’s rhinos are critically endangered which is one step from joining their prehistoric ancestors in extinction.

And it’s all because their horns are worth around $300,000 on the black market. Why? Because in Vietnam the horn is turned into powder and sold as a miracle party drug, like a cancer curing version of cocaine.