Sep 10 2013

50 Strangest Animals – Season 1

50 very strange animals. These are the among the strangest animals in the world all of which I have picked from creatures submitted by you guys on YouTube, Twitter, & Facebook.

Learn the important facts I found about each bizarre animal and let everyone know which is your favorite.

50 Really Strange Animals on Earth

If there is still time, go ahead and submit your own interesting and strange animal for a chance to not only appear in the next episode, but you could also win a customized Epic Wildlife YouTube t-shirt with the strange animal on it.

Reaper Vampire Creature

Draco Volans – Tiny Flying Dragon

Bleeding Tooth Fungus

Bizarre Sea Creature Caught on Tape

Testicle Biting Giant Piranha

Real Zombies Found in Wildlife

Horrifying Deep Sea Creature

World’s Ugliest Looking Fish