Sep 09 2013

Vampire Kangaroo Deer

Strange Vampire Kangaroo Deer aka Siberian Musk Deer has vampire fangs and yes, this bizarre creature is real!

This rare species can be found in the Northeastern part of Asia, parts of Mongolia, but it’s most commonly found up in Russia around southern Siberia.

Meet the Siberian Musk Deer

This animal is called the Siberian musk deer and here 3 pretty cool facts about this animal.

It has a face of a just like kangaroo and has been placed in it’s own family, “Moschidae” which is explained as a cross between chevrotains (mouse-deer) and a true deer. So basically, it’s just a weird deer mix

Number 2 Their crazy looking vampire teeth are actually tusks, like an elephant, that grow downwards from their front jaw instead of their head and they continue to grow through their entire lives reaching up to 10 centimeters length

And the 3rd fact which is the one I found most interesting is their Musk Gland which gives off a powerful scent to attract other female deer, and is an important ingredient to make expensive perfumes and colognes.

The musk gland is smooth round pod about 3 centimeters wide located near the adult male’s genitals and can be worth up to 3 times it’s weight in gold, making it one of the most valuable products in the natural kingdom.

And unfortunately, they are widely hunted and on the endangered species list as their populations continue to dwindle.

Moschus_moschiferus_map Zwerghirsch-Micromeryx-Rekonstruktion siberian-deer-fangs-russia