Sep 09 2013

Reaper Vampire Creature – The Sarcastic Fringehead

Reaper Vampire Deep Sea Monster? Meet the Sarcastic Fringehead, a scary sea alien-like creature with an reaper vampire like giant mouth used aggressively to attack and intimidate other animals.

Jordan from Facebook posted this scary fish which are found in the Pacific ocean, from the northwestern coast of Mexico and as far north as the San Francisco coast.

Meet the Sarcastic Fringehead

Here are the 3 most interesting facts I found about them

1.) They grow about a foot long and unlike most fish that wander around aimlessly, these little guys like to find themselves a long term hideout and stay there.

They’re often take shelter in empty clam shells, crevices in rocks, and sometimes human trash like cans, bottles or other containers found at the bottom of the ocean floor.

2.) These fish are Ferocious and completely fearless as they go insane attacking anything, no matter how big or small gets near their home, often battling it out with other fringeheads.

They have an giant mouth and extend their jaws wide open like something out of a horror movie for extreme intimidation. Have you seen the movie Blade 2? Awesome Movie! The vampire reapers had to have been inspired by this fish.

3.) Just west of Los Angeles lies an area called Redondo Canyon which because of past earthquakes there are many caves and faults to explore.

This is a popular spot for divers but it’s also littered with trash, jars, and other containers which has turned into a haven for sarcastic fringe-heads as thousands make their homes there WHILE divers routinely get surprised attacked by these fish with the larger fringeheads sometimes piercing through their wet suits causing damage with their needle sharp teeth.

Luckily for these fish they have no threat of being endangered as larger predators are often intimidated by them and fisherman try to avoid them for fear of getting bitten.

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