Sep 05 2013

Worlds Most Deadly Spider – Brazilian Wandering Spider

The deadly Brazilian wandering spider, aka banana or armed spider, is considered the world’s most venomous & deadliest spider┬áby the Guinness Book of World records. They are found in the tropical regions of Central & South America and are called wandering spiders because they roam the jungle floor at night.

The Deadliest Spider in the World

During the day they reside in termite mounds, under rocks and logs, or in banana plants. Sometimes they are even found in bananas harvested then shipped around the world. The Brazilian Wandering Spider has a distinctive reaction when threatened. They stand up while putting their front legs in the air and rock from side to side.

Their venom from their bite has a neurotoxin which can cause breathing problems and loss of muscle control along with inflammation and intense pain. The deadly spider bite’s causes paralysis and asphyxia, a potentially fatal lack of oxygen to the body. Result… Human Death.

Priapism, an uncomfortable and long lasting erection, can also occur which has led scientist to study their venom for possible use in erectile dysfunction treatments.

These super deadly Brazilian Wandering Spiders tend to be found around areas of human habitation and inject venom into 9 out of 10 of their bites coupled with their tendency to hide in dark places such as houses, cars, and in boots they have earned the title of world’s most deadly spider.