Aug 12 2013

Vampire Skeletons Unearthed


vampire-skeleton-discovered-2-284x300Vampire Skeletons were discovered in Bulgaria. These unearthed vampire skeletons were pinned down with iron rods stabbed through their chest in the heart area.

These strange skeletons were said to be hundreds of years old.

Bulgarian archaeologists discussed how the locals in that time period would use these wooden or iron rods when burying evil people to prevent them from rising as vampires and terrorizing the living.

Did Vampires Once Exist in History?

Here is a link to the Fox News article :
Skeletons treated for vampirism found in Bulgaria

In wake of all of the zombie apocalypse happenings around the USA I found this story of some interest. Is this proof that vampires existed at one point?

All of this folk lore had to originate from somewhere. There are so many mysteries in the world that are left to be uncovered.

vampric bonesvampire-skeleton-bulgaria

Mysteries of the Vampire Skeletons _reconstruction