Aug 09 2013

Python Kills 2 Kids in Canada

Campbellton, Canada. 2 Sleeping boys were allegedly killed by a pet African Rock Python that lived next door. The giant snake was blamed as investigators were led to believe it strangled the Canadian kids while they were sleeping after escaping its cage.

But were these two young boys really killed by a big snake in Canada on Sunday night?

african rock python snake

African Rock Python

Noah, who was just 4 years old and his brother Conner, 6, were sleeping when a 15 foot 100 pound African Rock Python fell through the apartment’s ceiling.

The snake belonged to Jean Claude, a friend of the family and owner of Reptile Ocean, a pet store below his apartment.

The python somehow escaped from it’s tank inside the apartment and slithered up an air vent before it collapsed through the ceiling where the kids were sleeping.

Jean Claude found the children’s bodies Monday morning, he thought they were just sleeping until he noticed the big hole in the ceiling, he then turned on the lights and saw this terrifying scene.

Larges snakes such as anacondas, boas and pythons growing larger than 8 feet are fully capable of killing a human and since 1990 12 people in the USA have been killed by a big constrictor snake.

African Rock Python Blamed for Killing Boys

The snake is now dead as police euthanized it on Tuesday.

Other snake owners are blaming the owner for this snake attack claiming that the python must have been underfed and very hungry because in their experience constrictor snakes are normally very easy going.

An investigator later discovered that this wasn’t the first time the python broke free from the cage.

The Humane Society is now trying to capitalize on this tragedy in an attempt to ban the import of all large constrictor snakes.

African_rock_python_(Python_sebae_sebae)_at_Jacksonville_Zoo Python_sebae_head1'giantsnakeAfrican Rock Python

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