Aug 01 2013

Worlds Most Dangerous Snake to Humans!

Most dangerous snake towards humans! Extremely venomous and super aggressive, the deadly saw-scaled viper is responsible for the most human deaths in the world.

Meet the Deadly Saw-Scaled Viper

It is a fairly common snake found around The Northern Part of Africa all over Saudia Arabia, India and in parts of Southern Asia.

As known as the carpet viper, this deadly snake doesn’t think twice before it strikes as it uses it’s saw like scales to make a hissing sound when it feels threaten. The larger males can grow to almost 3 feet in length while their female counterpart’s venom is twice as strong.

This snake is nocturnal and often lives in close proximity to people. They are known to bury their bodies in sand, keeping itself hidden from the human eye.They are one of the few snakes that give birth to live young and rarely hibernate unless they are in colder climates.

If you live in an area or plan on visiting the part of the world where these snakes roam, listen carefully to the warning sounds they make, it could save your life.