Jul 29 2013

Giant Alien-Like Fish

This giant alien-like fish is called he Ocean Sunfish, Moon Fish, or Mola Mola. They are heaviest of all bony fish and can be found in oceans all over the world.


Fully grown adults can weigh over 5,000 pounds and grow up to 14 feet from top to bottom, and 10 feet wide, but unlike most fish, they actually have no tails.

Meet the Giant Sunfish

This amazing image was snapped by Daniel Botelho while he was taking photos of blue whales off the coast of San Diego. Daniel is one of my favorite wildlife photographers as he specializes in underwater photography, check out his blog. danielbotelho.com

ocean-sunfish-alienfishWith very flat bodies, the Mola Mola Giant Sunfish can grow as tall as they grow long which give them it’s moon shape. The female sun-fish… produces a MASSIVE amount of eggs, sometimes over 300 million! more than any other vertebrate in the world.

These giant alien-like fish eat mainly jelly fish as their teeth are fused together like a bird beak and because of this they are unable to properly close their mouths.

Their main predators consist of Sea Lions, Killer Whales and Sharks. Speaking of sharks, these sunfish are commonly mistaken for man eating predators as they are often found swimming near the oceans surface with their large dorsal fin piercing the water.

Despite their size, the Mola Mola are harmless to humans. These fish do not do well in captivity, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is the only one in the United States that has one. There’s also one in the Lisbon Oeanarium in Portugal and the Kaiyukan Aquarium in Japan.

In Japan or Taiwan, you could order up a plate, as these giant sunfish are considered a delicacy.

Sunfish-real   Enormous_Sunfish