Jul 18 2013

Strange Creature Discovered

A very strange creature I discovered. Is this some mutant hybrid creature from earth..or did we just discover some new alien life form?

I’d say it’s definitely a mammal of some sort…This looks to me like the creation of some mad scientist who decided to cross mate an elephant with a laboratory rat. A new animal species? some clever photoshop hoax? a chupacabra?

What is this Strange Looking Animal?

This animal is actually… a hairless bear named Dolores from a zoo in Germany. Dolores suffers from a rare condition that experts believe to be genetic but are not quite sure. There’s an article link in the description and now it’s being said to be a parasitic mite that causes a skin infection.

So be honest, what did you think this creature was when you first saw it?

Sun Bear with Hair
Sun_Bear wildlife
Hairless Rabbit -Strange Looking indeed

Meet the Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Native to South America, this Venezuelan moth looks just like a cute, cuddly, fuzzy poodle.