Jul 05 2013

Rare Shark Discovery

Megamouth Shark – Rare Shark Species Discovered in 1976. The Megamouth Shark is so rare that the International Union for Conservation of Nature list the species as data deficient.

Meet the Megamouth Shark

The first megamouth ever discovered was in 1976 near Hawaii when it got stuck on a sea anchor of a US Navy ship. Scientist were baffled by the discovery as this was an entirely unknown type of shark in history making it one of the most incredible findings of the 20th century.

These big sharks have been known to grow up to 18 feet long, weigh over 1000 pounds and they feed on smaller prey with it’s giant mouth and tiny hooked teeth. Fortunatly they do not appear to be a danger to humans as there is no threat of one eating a man.

Since it’s initial discovery, there have been only 55 recorded findings of the megamouth including 3 that were captured on film for some very rare footage.

The last known sighting was on October 16th 2012 which is believed to be the one from this strange looking photo that went viral on Facebook.

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