Jul 03 2013

Strange Cyclops Shark Caught

Rare Cyclops Shark caught by a fisherman in Mexico. The weird one-eyed albino shark was discovered in an odd way. A weird and very strange discovery in west coast Mexico near Cerralvo Island in the Gulf of California. A one-eye albino shark.

Rare Albino Baby Shark

Yes it is real, but it is not a new species. It all started when fisherman Enrique Lucero caught a pregnant dusky shark and cut it open. Inside he found 9 normal looking baby dusky sharks and one strange looking male embryo which is now known as the One-Eye Albino Shark.

Scientist x-rayed the fetus and reviewed previous research on cyclopia in other species to confirm that the find is indeed a cyclops shark.

The baby shark also has other deformities, including albinism, or a total lack of tissue pigments; no nostrils; a bump on its snout…and a crocked spine.

Scientists went on to say that this rare one-eyed beast would not have survived after birth and this is the reason why no living cyclops sharks have been discovered in the past.

Enrique treasures his prize possession and plans on keeping his 1 eyed shark forever.




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