Jul 02 2013

Mutant Pig Monkey

monkeypiglettttNew species or a mutant animal? A cross breed hybrid half MONKEY PIG baby was born! A disturbing creature indeed.

In Southwest China, a weird hybrid breed was born when a horny monkey entered a pig farm and had his way with one of the female pigs.

The strange monkey was never seen again. Months later, the bastard son of the disturbing monkey was born. A new species discovered?

Meet the Baby Monkey-Pig

The Chinese family was horrified at what they discovered. The really bad parents were wanting to kill the strange baby that they found, however the cute children talked them into keeping it.

They nicknamed him Oinkey and was taken care of by the young children as they feed him milk every day. Oinkey was never able to stand on 2 legs as his hind legs were more pig than monkey and when he tried to move around, he looked more like a frog than either pig or monkey.

Unfortunately, Oinkey, the half pig-monkey, had a short life when he died only a few weeks after his birth.

Since then the family has built a new home for their pigs complete with a monkey proof fence just in case the horny monkey ever decided to come back for more and get another young pig pregnant with a half monkey half pig baby.

Shocked locals rushed to Feng Changlin house after news of a mutant piglet spread in Fengzhang village, Xiping township.

“It’s hideous. No one will be willing to buy it, and it scares the family to even look at it!” Feng told Oriental Today.

He said the pig baby looks just like a monkey, with two thin lips, a small nose and two big eyes. Its rear legs are also much longer than its forelegs, causing it to jump instead of walk. Strange exotic cloning gone wrong?

Feng’s wife said the monkey-faced piglet was one of five newborns of a sow which the family had raised for nine years.

“My God, it was so scary. I didn’t known what it was. I was really frightened,” she said.

“But our son likes to play with it, and he stopped us from getting rid of it. He even feeds it milk.”

Neighbors have suggested the couple keep the piglet to see how it looks as it matures.