Jun 29 2013

Frozen Bigfoot Discovered – Minnesota Iceman Returns

The Minnesota Iceman resurfaced after mysteriously vanishing several decades ago. Museum owner Steve Busti decided to buy this frozen neanderthal to exhibit it in Austin, Texas.

Have you heard of the Minnesota Iceman? The Frozen Bigfoot like monster that was shot in the late 1960s? The iceman is 6 feet tall and went by the names “The Creature of Ice” and the Siberskoye Creature.

Frozen Bigfoot on Display in Austin

apeman-in-iceThe origin of this story started with Frank Hansen who first claimed to have discovered this bigfoot creature in Siberia then later changed his story by stating that he shot the beast in Minnesota.

The news spread fast as Hansen kept the monster on ice while the FBI became concerned that he may be hiding a murder victim.

After two crypto-zoologists examined the creature, the Smithsonian Institute decided to step in and sent an official investigator to examine the body…

However, Hansen reportedly switched the bodies with a latex dummy before the investigation took place as the Smithsonian representative reported that the creature was nothing but latex rubber and hair.

Starting on July 3rd, 2013, this infamous frozen big-foot creature will be on display at the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas.

Minnesota_Iceman1 Bigfoot Found

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