Jun 28 2013

Shark Attacks Seal & 2-Headed Turtle

What does a two-head turtle, a giant lobster and a cloned mouse have in common? They are all part of this week’s Epic Wildlife News

In this Huffington post article today, it showed first hand just how scary the Tapir Animal’s penis is…

A unusual two-headed turtle born this month is becoming a popular attraction at the San Antonio zoo in Texas. They named her Thelma and Louise and they are reported to have very different personalities, as the right side is very curious, always scanning around, and the left side is very aggressive, always trying to bite everything.

In Knoxville Tennessee, a bear breaks into a zoo

In Gold Canyon, Arizona, a ground squirrel is filmed fighting with bull snake.
a rare bird, white-throatd needletail, was spotted in Britain, which hasn’t been seen in over 22 years. 40 birdwatchers rushed to the scene to catch a glimpse of this unique sight when the bird flew into a turbine and fell dead to the ground.

Dutch photographer Peter Verhoog captured some amazing images while in False Bay in Capetown South Africa. A 15 foot great white shark displayed it’s power as it jumped over eight feet in the air eating 2 cape fur seals whole as well as attacking some of the seal decoys placed in the water to inspire action.

In Lyme Bay off the coast of Dorest, a lobster was caught that was deemed too big for the cooking pot. Measured at 2 and a half feet long, the lobster was estimated to be at least 60 years old. He is now being held at the town’s aquarium and will be released back into the sea at the end of the summer.

In Japan, scientist were able to clone a mouse from a SINGLE drop of blood.

In Isla Mujeres, an elegant group of sailfish was seen rounding up a school of sardines for dinner. The Atlantic sailfish routine work in teams to rally their prey together with incredible precision.