Jun 26 2013

Giant Prehistoric Wasp Nest Discovered

The World’s Largest and Deadliest yellow jacket wasp nest found. A Prehistoric nest with millions of wasps.

After discovering this gigantic yellow jacket nest on a private hunting ground on the outskirts of Tampa Bay, Florida, a bee removal expert was called in.

Wasp Nest Discovered with over 1 Million Wasps

Jonathon Simkins arrived on the terrifying scene and was completely stunned at the size of the huge bee nest which was measured to be 6 and half feet tall, eight feet wide and was estimated to have over a million yellow jackets.

Both the mass of the nest and the amount of wasps it contained was 1000 times more than the average. This nest was so big in fact that it was believed to have been there since the prehistoric dinosaur ages.

Simkins recorded himself approaching the nest as hundreds of thousands of wasps flooded air and viciously attacked his suit. These wasp were so relentless that thousands continued to follow… and try to kill him hundreds of yards away from the nest.


2 days later, Simkins managed to exterminate the monster hive along with most of the wasp with it. He chose to keep technique a secret.

On one hand, people seem to be pretty upset that such a amazing part of nature was destroyed as it was also a part of prehistoric history.

The the other hand I understand this nest was extremely dangerous to any animals or humans that get anywhere near it as with that amount of wasps, nothing would be able to escape.