Jun 24 2013

Worlds Deadliest Shark to Humans

Bull-sharks are the most dangerous shark species in the world to attack humans as well as one the most common shark species. Learn important and interesting facts about the bull shark.

The Most Dangerous Shark in the World

You can tell it’s a bull shark because of it’ broad snout, their 2 dorsal fins, and their bodies are typically grey on top with white on the bottom

Bull-sharks live for about 16 years, grow almost 12 feet long, can weigh as much as 500 pounds and they go by over 17 different names, listed below.

What makes them so deadly is their unpredictable and aggressive nature this is because bullsharks have one of the highest testosterone levels of any other animal species, even their females have elevated testosterone. Talk about sharks on steroids!

These sharks have very small eyes and head butt objects before they bite them, most sharks tend to bite once, then retreat as it waits for its victim to die, BUT the bull shark is like a raging pit bull – it bites and keeps on biting, which is why it’s sometimes called “the pit bull of the sea”

Bull sharks have a rare ability to be able to survive in freshwater.


Bull Shark Facts

All sharks evolved from the ocean and they must keep salt in their bodies to survive. When in fresh water, most saltwater fish would die because their salty bodies would absorb the water and continue to absorb it until they blew up like a balloon.

Vise Vera, if you put a freshwater fish in saltwater, their bodies would shrivel up and die as the salt would absorb all of their body fluids.

The bullshark is able to survive this because a process called osmoregulation. This allows them to control the movement of salt solution through a special adaptation in their kidneys, which work overtime when they are in fresh water.

So instead of blowing up like other fish, these sharks excrete the excess water in their urine, which means they pee… a LOT.

People have spotted bull sharks thousands of miles up the Amazon River in South America…far from the sea. Bull sharks have also been found swimming in the Mississippi River as far north as (Alton)Illinois as well as upstream in many other rivers around the world.

Currently there have been 104 recorded bull shark attacks in the last 150 years, and out of those, 33 fatalities.

There are many shark attacks during this period where the type of shark involved was not known, Of course, it is worth remembering that the bull shark inhabits many 3rd world countries, and there maybe hundreds of shark attacks that have gone unreported.

The Bull Shark goes by over 17 different names

  1. Carcharhinus leucas (Scientific Name)
  2. Zambezi shark
  3. Bullshark_ocean-water07

    The Bull Shark Goes by 17 Different Names.

    Swan River shark (Australia)

  4. Swan river whaler
  5. Nicaraguan shark (Central America)
  6. Cub shark
  7. Estuary shark
  8. Van Rooyen’s shark (Africa)
  9. Ganges shark (India)
  10. Freshwater whaler
  11. Estuary whaler
  12. Shovelnose shark
  13. Square-nose shark
  14. River shark
  15. Slipway grey shark
  16. Ground shark
  17. Bull Shark



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