Jun 24 2013

Strange Japanese Fish

Strange Japanese Fish Discovered, or what is this mysterious sea monster? I found this bizarre image floating around the internet.

But what is this unique looking marine creature?

Strange Fish Caught in Japan

I did some more research googling, Japanese Fish, Strange Creature Discovered, New Species Found, but I couldn’t find anything concrete tied to this bizarre animal.

So I studied it some more and noticed the tail is cut off…

The man appears to be measuring something, or more likely, getting ready to cut something else off.

Then I googled shark finning and found some similar pictures.

So my guess.. .it’s a shark of some sort, but what kind I’m not sure, after studying pictures of multiple shark species, my best guess is that it’s a basking shark as they do not have large teeth like most bigger sharks although these couldn’t have easily been cut out.

As it turns out, it was a shark, one of the rarest sharks in the world….

Meet the Megamouth Shark


It’s obvious where the funny looking shark gets its name!

mystery shark

Rare Megamouth Shark Caught in Asia.