Jun 19 2013

Worlds Biggest Shark EVER! Megalodon

The biggest shark to have EVER lived, is the Megalodon, a giant prehistoric shark and a legendary killer that still secretly strikes fear into the hearts of anything and everything that dares to venture out into the sea.

Its name comes from a Greek word meaning “Big Tooth”. This giant mega shark is as one of the largest and most powerful attacking apex predators in the history of our planet.

Meet the Megalodon – Biggest Shark in the World

Having been extinct for millions of years, The Megalodon has influenced pop culture as photos and drawings of this legendary shark continue to appear all over web with some websites and blogs dedicated to it.

Fossils indicate that the Megalodon Shark reached lengths of almost 70 feet, 20 meters long and was much wider and stockier than your typical great white shark believed to have weighed almost 100 tons. Blue Whales being slightly bigger can weigh over 100 tons.


Could this monster shark still be alive today?


Prehistoric Megalodon Shark Scale & Size Comparison

The teeth of the Megalodon are gigantic, some found to be over 7 inches long. These tooth fossils have been discovered all over the world and at one point were believed to be petrified tongues of dragons & giant snakes.

The shark bite of the Megalodon is the sea creature’s most impressive features as scientist estimate it’s chomp to have created up to 18 tons of force, compared to that of a great white’s bite which is less than 2 tons of force. With that kind of biting pressure the Megalodon could crush a whales skull as easily as a human child would bite into a grape making it the most powerful bite of any creature in history.


The Megalodon’s closest living relative is the Great White Shark and although they have many similarities, their hunting patterns proved to be different. Great white sharks tend to attack the under belly or soft spot of their victims for a quick kill as the Megalodon’s attacked with it’s massive biting force to rip off the fins of other large fish before going in for the final kill.


Photoshopped Illustration of Megalodon’s Size

A sea monster as deadly and powerful as the Megalodon dominated the oceans for millions of years, however no one knows why exactly they became extinct.

Was it global warming…A lack of food sources, or is it possible they still exists somewhere beyond our reach deep within the ocean depths.

In recent news, the story of a 9 foot tagged shark that suddenly went missing. When the scientist recovered the missing shark tag what they found was astonishing. The data from the tag revealed the the shark had been eaten by something very big… and very fast. What could have actually ate the tagged shark that day?

What Ate this 9 Foot Shark?