Jun 19 2013

Teen Attacked by Shark in Texas

Texas teen attacked by shark. The 15 year old was bitten by an unknown shark and is lucky to be alive after he fought off a aggressive shark in Surferside Beach, Texas on Monday afternoon.

Surferside Beach Shark Attack

The teenager, Garrett Sebesta, was in waist deep water with his church group when he was felt razor sharp sting thrust into his leg. A shark had buried it’s teeth into his calf as Garrett reached underwater and attempted to pry the shark’s jaws from his flesh with his bare hands.

After a short fight, the shark swam away and Garrett escaped the attack and was rushed to the hospital by helicopter.

The shark left the teen with a bloody 7 inch gash in his leg and serious damage to his left hand.

Suferside is 60 miles south of Houston, I grew up in Alice, Texas and spend many days on the beaches in Corpus Christi and South Padre Island.

The type of shark causing the attack hasn’t been determined, although there are many deadly sharks throughout the Gulf of Mexico including Great Whites, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Blue Sharks, to name a few, shark attacks however, are pretty rare in Texas.

The day before the attack, THIS shark was caught in shallow waters in this same area on Sunday. Can anyone identify this shark species?
**OR does anyone have a guess at what type of shark could have attack the young man in Surferside Beach?


Surfside Beach near Houston, Texas

houston texas surferside beach shark attack

Garrett Sebesta in Hospital

teen survives shark attack

Garrett Sebesta Shark Victim Survivor

boy attacked by shark

Shark Caught Prior to Attack