Jun 15 2013

Worlds Biggest Crab – Japanese Spider Crab

The largest crab in the world is the giant Japanese Spider Crab.

If you ever find yourself crab fishing In Suruga Bay off of the coast of Japan you might come across a species of marine crab named the Japanese Spider Crab that has the largest leg span of any arthropod known to exist.

Meet the Japanese Spider Crab

Its body can measure up to 16 inches across, and up to 12 feet from claw to claw, with the whole crab weighing up to 40 pounds.Imposing in size, and ferocious in appearance, the crab has been reported to have a gentle disposition. With an orange body, and white spots on its legs the Japanese spider crab may appear similar to other crabs, but it differs in a few notable ways.

In the male crab, the first pleopods, also known as swimming legs are unusually twisted and its larvae have been described as primitive. The male Japanese Spider Crab can easily be distinguished from its female counterpart due to having have much longer chelipeds. The crab can be found in depths from 50 feet up to 2000ft feeding on shellfish and animal carcasses and may live up to 100 years.

They are primarily found in Suruga Bay, and while only occasionally collected for food, their numbers are dwindling, forcing fishermen into deeper waters to find them.



Giant Japanese Spider Crab