Jun 15 2013

Huge Dinosaur Insect

giant grasshopper

Giant Weta

The heaviest insect and biggest grasshopper in the world is the Giant Weta, an insect unique to New Zealand and primarily found on it’s offshore islands.

Their genus name Deinacrids translates in greek to “Terrible Grasshopper”. The beast bugs are often called the dinosaur of the insect world having not changed much over the last 100 million years.

Meet the Giant Weta

There are 11 species of giant Weta and they can be up to 4 inches long not including their legs & antennae and weigh up to 1.25oz roughly the weight of an average golfball.

They are so heavy they can’t even jump. The Little Barrier Island Giant Weta AKA: Wetapunga is the largest of the weta species.

One domesticated female grew to 70 g which is heavier than a sparrow. She was one of the worlds heaviest recorded insects.