Jun 15 2013

Unknown Creature Discovered on Beach

A Mysterious Dead Sea Monster Washed Ashore in New Zealand. The prehistoric looking creature was discovered by Elizabeth Ann who filmed the dead beast with her camera and posted it on YouTube asking for help in identifying it.

She stated how this strange marine animal had washed up on Pukehina Beach…. in the Bay of Plenty…. shortly after some very dark storms had terrorized the area.

Unfathomable Sea Creature Found on Beach

The images of this sea creature spread all over the internet as people began to speculate what it was. Some viewers believed it could be the remains a Megalodon Shark or that of a pre-historic dinosaur…..IS this finally proof that the Loch Ness Monster exists?

The big head…and huge teeth… made it hard to identify this 20 foot long dead body.


Discovered by Elizabeth

More skeptical commenters thought it could be a saltwater crocodile……. or a giant moray eel……..or maybe an over-sized sea lion….

Finally a marine expert was brought in. It was Anton Van Helden who was able to solve the mystery of this strange carcass.

To find out what this dead sea monster was… goto… W…W…W… dot… just kidding…

It was an Orca … a killer whale.. but Anton was unsure of how it died.

I’ll be honest… I was a little disappointed when I found out what it was, but I do always enjoy a good animal mystery.