Jun 14 2013

Wierd Animal – Pignose Frog

The purple frog, otherwise known as the Indian purple frog, or pig-nose frog can be found in the Western Ghats in India.

The adult frog was formally discovered in 2003 by SD Biju and Franky Bossuyt, even though the tadpole had been described in 1918.

Meet the Indian Purple Frog

The frog is considered a living fossil with its closest relative in the Seychelles.

This relatededness suggests that their ancestors lived around 100 millions yars ago and adds to the evidence that Madagascar, the seychelles and India were once connected.

Shaped similarily to most frogs, it does have a more rounded body, with a small head and unusal pointed snout.

They are typicall dark in color, the males are about 1/3 the length of their female counterparts.

The frog spends most of its year underground only to surface during monsoon season for about two weeks for the sole purpose of mating.


Most burrowing frogs emerge to feed above ground, however the purple frog forages underground for termites usig its fluted tongue.

This reclusiveness may have aided in their survival of 4 mass extinctions

The purple frog is classified as endangered, is endemic to the Western Ghats, found primarily in Cardamom Hills of Kerala state and kattapana

Where loose, wet and aerated soil near ponds, ditches and streams a choice habitat for this once in a century find is abundant.

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