Jun 14 2013

Vampire Piranha – Rare Fish

The Payara is a little-known species of rare game fish that can be found living in the Orinoco River of Venezuela and the Amazon Basis and also share the same habitat as the peacock bass.

The Payara fish is also known as Vampire Fish, Sabre Tooth Tetra, Vampire Tetra or Vampire Piranha because of its most notable features, the two long fangs protruding from its lower jaw which can grow up to 6 inches long

Meet The Sabre Tooth Tetra

The Vampire Piranha grow to about a foot long in captivity and up to 4 feet long in the wild and weigh up to 40 pounds. They are an extremely predatory species as well as cannabilistic.

Vampire Tetra amazon venezuela

Long Teeth

They can eat fish that are half their own body size, but their diet may include smaller fish, however it consists mainly of piranhas using their sharp fangs to impale them with.

The fish is popular among sport fishers because it is considered to be one of the fiercest struggling freshwater fishes, putting up an impressive fight. This is due to its living and hunting in fast-moving water or rapids.

While they grow to such great lengths in the wild, in captivity the Vampire Piranha rarely grows to 12 inches in length, and usually die mysteriously before they do.